Cheerleading Coach


Tenielle Blizzard is currently one of the main cheerleading coaches for the Royal All Stars Cheerleading Academy, as well as the Head Administration Officer. She has had several years of cheerleading experience and has competed in many National and State winning routines including 4 x overall highest scoring routines including scholastic/university grand champions and has also won 3 x international bids for her own teams.

Tenielle is a current athlete on Melbourne’s Outlaws All Stars with over 5 years of experience in the sport of cheerleading. In addition, she has also been a high level athlete in other sports including basketball and netball. Having amassed a wealth of practice and knowledge within several sporting disciplines, Tenielle has been successful in becoming one of Royals’ main coaches and has done so with the adoration and support of the students and staff. In 2016, Tenielle successfully coached and gained a bid to Hawaii’s Global Dance and Cheer Games to be held in 2017- a first for one of our teams at the Royal All Stars Cheerleading Academy!

Tenielle has also had over half a decade in customer service and reception work, bringing with her the familiarity and understanding of the necessities to ensure all teams run smoothly and effectively at our cheerleading academy on a day to day basis.

Tenielle is internationally credentialed as a USASF/IASF cheerleading and tumbling coach and is also a member of the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation.  She loves watching an athlete break through the ‘mind over matter’ barrier. There is no greater feeling than seeing an athlete accomplish something that they didn’t believe they could do, or achieve something that they believed their body couldn’t handle. Seeing the look on their face, or their new found confidence and drive grow is something truly special.