Class Descriptions


Royal Cheerleading welcomes all ages, body types, fitness and skill levels – whoever you are and what ever background you come from, we have the team for you!


Competitive Cheerleading

Cheerleading includes a vibrant mix of dance, tumbling, jumps, cheers, stunting and routine building. Students are taught fast pace 2 minute 30 second routines which include all of the above elements in cheerleading. Students compete between 4-6 competitions a year in Melbourne. We offer a rigorous but exciting training program which will result in effective and exceptional skills. We believe that our cheer athletes should be taught in a progressive manner with safety and proper technique being of the utmost importance.

Novice Competitive Cheerleading

Perfect for beginners with limited or no cheerleading experience. We teach stunting, dance, jumps and a full range of tumble skills including cartwheels, forward/backward rolls & round offs. *There are no minimum requirements to join a novice team

Recreational Cheerleading

Our recreational cheerleading program is a “stepping stone” in to competition cheerleading where athletes learn the basics of the sport. Our competition level start at 5 years old in the competition year. We have designed a program to teach young athletes the building blocks in tumbling, stunts, jumps and routine building whilst having fun with games and activities all at the same time!

Tiny Tumblers Open Play Time

The “Open Playtime” session is a non instructional 1 hour open time slot suitable to help toddlers build self- expression socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively in a fun and safe open space at the Royal All Stars Cheerleading Academy. Tiny Tumblers will be able to explore and build motor skills with a variety of shapes, obstacles and equipment in our multi- sensory facility assisted by yourself or a qualified coach in this “mummy and me” style class. Stay as long or as short as you like in the 1 hour open time slot and pay on a casual day to day basis! Suitable for ages from New Born- 4 years old.


A dance sequence of cheerleading that uses poms for 80% of the routine that does not include stunting but does include minimal tumbling skills. Important characteristics of a pom routine include synchronization and visual effect, clean and precise motions, strong pom technique, and incorporating dance technical elements. Pom is great for those who enjoy the dance aspect of cheerleading.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is an energetic style of dance, combining body isolation, tricks, street style and popular culture to form a creative and dynamic routine. Hip hop presents the opportunity for students to showcase their unique talent and skills, whilst welcoming individual personality and catering to all abilities.

Flex & Core

Our flex & core classes are designed to increase flexibility, strength, power and cardio endurance. Increasing overall fitness can be one of the fastest ways to speed up your skill development in all areas of cheerleading. Flex & Core classes aim to increase flexibility and flyer body position technique. This class is open to all athletes and is mandatory for all flyers.


Separate tumbling classes are available to work towards your cheerleading tumbling skills. This includes strength training, conditioning and stretching. Special equipment and stations are used to work on tumbling for each cheerleading level.

Private Classes

Private classes are a fast progression personal training method. Classes will be geared to each individual cheerleader’s needs. Coaches will also provide athletes with weekly workout regimes to ensure continued core strength improvement. A portion of every class can be used to work on tumbling, jumps, flexibility, dance/cheer skills; simply, make that request with your instructor.

Cheer Work Shops

We also offer fun afterschool workshops or our competitive squad programs, which will allow you to start your own competitive or spirit team to represent your school on sporting days or at cheerleading competitions. Whichever program you choose, the experience will always be fun and professional, with an emphasis on safety first. Contact us for more information about how we can help you get your cheerleading program started now!